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• Your web site.
• An AuthorConnect entry of your choice or a list of all your AuthorConnect entries.
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Agent Representing Writers: To see all the ways that AuthorConnect can help you, visit our PathWays™ section.

Industry Databanks

Titles in Print
Readings OnLine™
This databank lists and describes agents of all types located thoughout the world.

  • Writers of books, poetry, film, video, music, multimedia, or other works listed in any of the AuthorConnect Registries can use the Agents Databank to help find agents that represent works in the same categories as the writer’s work. Writers can choose from large or small agencies and agencies with or without a reading fee.
  • Agents can use the Agents Databank to help attract more quality material in the specific categories they seek to represent, and reduce submissions of inappropriate material.
  • Agents can easily insert a free entry describing the types of works they represent and their submission requirements. Entries can contain ALL the information needed to submit material. Each agency is limited to one entry per agent in this databank in each language.

    Agents may insert some or all of the information they want for their free entry now, and return free at any time to add more information or to modify their entry.

    One free graphic or photo may be inserted with each entry. If you desire additional graphics or photos in the same entry, they may be purchased as inexpensive enhancements during the entry process.

    Add an Entry Edit My Entries
    Search anywhere on AuthorConnect free. Registration, required only to insert an entry, is easy and free. There are no memberships.
    Search Entries
    This databank has been pre-stocked with brief entries. AuthorConnect encourages you to insert your own full entry free.
    1. Insert your own free entry.
    2. If you insert an entry and are also listed in this databank with a pre-stocked entry, remove the pre-stocked entry (see 4 below) to eliminate any confusion.
    3. If you desire no entry, just remove the pre-stocked entry.
    4. To remove a pre-stocked entry, send your removal request to AuthorConnect by clicking . Your request must originate from your company’s e-mail address.
    Your FREE entry includes all of the following:
    Name of the agent.
    A picture (such as a photograph).
    Brief description for search results.
    Contact information.
    Key words and categories for search.
    Topics accepted/needed*.
    Categories accepted*.
    List of agents. Query requirements*.
    Agency policies/charges.
    About the agency*.
    Reading fee.
    Submission criteria.
    IntraMail for others to contact you.
    (* First 200 words free - more words available via enhancements)
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